The Lgp Elite Members get TONS of savings and FREE petite minis!

So what is the LGP ELITE MEMEBERSHIP? What does it cost? How doe sit benefit you?

  1. How much is the membership? The LGP MEMBERSHIP IS $20 A MONTH, THAT'S IT!
  2. What do I get? You get 20% off your sessions!
  3. What type of sessions do I receive 20% off? NEWBORN, FAMILY, 1ST BIRTHDAYS, SENIORS, BEACH, COUPLES, CHILDREN, FRESH 48 SESSIONS, AND MINI SESSIONS...I know guys this is awesome!!!
  4. What's the catch? You just have to agree to sign up for 1 year, after that it goes month to month until you cancel.
  5. What happens if I cancel before the year? You have to pay the remaining year out because I will be giving you FREE minis as well so it's only fair that you pay the rest out since I am giving you FREE STUFF for agreeing to being a member for 1 year. I don't know why anyone would cancel since you get free minis and save on sessions though!
  6. How many free sessions do I get? 2 for sure guaranteed but also many as I feel like I can do! I am doing my best to give you all free things that the public does not get.
  7. What if I don't make it to my FREE petite mini session? The free petite mini sessions are use them or lose them, that means only you can use them not a family or friend of yours, only your kids and if you can't make we can't reschedule them because it's free.
  8. What else do I get? Welllllll, you get first dibs on mini session dates and times! So when we open a new mini to the public you get all the information first then we release it to the public the next day!
  9. Do we get more images in our gallery? HECK YES! if I have more images to give you meaning your littles did great at their mini session or regular session and then yes I'll give you more then stated in the contract!
  10. How do we get notified of the upcoming minis? We will post in the group! Once you join the FB group you will see all the free minis and the links to sign up!

💥💥Due to the nature of some people only signing up for the free minis we now require that you at least purchase a full session or a mini pack or a few mini sessions throughout the year. We did this bc it's not fair to our other clients.

These two little ladies are apart of the LGP ELITE MEMBERSHIP so that means they get more then the 10-15 edited images they were guaranteed on their mini session contract which their mommas are so happy about bc honestly when you see your littles do so well you kind of get sad that you only get 10-15 images because you want more to remember that special fun moment!